Barista to Returning Student

I went to college right after high school. With stars in my eyes, I pursued my own visionary path which included double majoring in Art and Philosophy. I loved every minute of school. I didn’t even party like many of my peers. I applied my mind and heart to everything I did. I was even selected by my professors to present my artwork and academic papers during conferences that represented our college.

It seemed that all had passed by quickly and I hadn’t really had much time to plan what I was going to do next. At the last minute, I made an application to my number one choice of university for their Master’s degree program.

It had honestly never even occurred to me that I wouldn’t get in. As an undergrad, I seemed to just coast along in a zone where everything I did was praised and accepted.

When I saw that letter in my mailbox, I was sure it was an acceptance letter with a full scholarship, but it was a plainly worded rejection letter.

What followed was a good couple years of floundering. I stayed with my mom and dad and watched most of my earnings get drained by my student loan company. I worked at a coffee house where I put some of my art up on the walls for sale. I sold only two pieces after one whole year.

One of my customers at the coffee house was a college professor. We started striking up conversations after he had appreciated an ironic and witty remark I had made one day. He’d come in every day so we developed a kind of relationship. He started to counsel me about how I should go back to school.
I wasn’t that crazy about the idea, but I had been much happier as a student than a worker. I could also see that there was almost no way out of my debt unless I could work my way into a better career with more income.

I decided to stay in my hometown and rent a place with my friends to save money. I also got on the work study program to help earn the money I needed for text books and art supplies. I started a freelance business also as a logo designer.

I couldn’t be happier about my decision to go back to school again. I wasn’t really crazy about the idea initially, but I can see now it’s been a really good thing. I’m in a much better position now personally and financially.

Finally Getting My Degree


It’s not easy getting the courage to go back to school after years of being out. I tried to attend college right after I graduated high school, and was turned down for financial aid because of my family income. Even though we barely made ends meet, the federal government made it hard to get any funding to be able to go to school.

With only a high school diploma, the jobs that were available to me offered mediocre pay and made it hard to even get by. There are only so many times you can hear that you are not qualified, before you finally give up. So I took the only job that would pay enough to keep the bill collector from beating my door down, and studied at home on my own time.

I always wanted to be an embalmer, from the time I was twelve. So I went to the library and checked out any books I could find to get a little closer to the job I wanted. I contacted the only college in my area that offered this degree program, and got them to send me prospective student information. They even offered help getting student loans!

I visited the Registrar and filled out an application, then got certified copies of my high school transcripts. After filling out my FAFSA, I was accepted to the school and have been attending for almost a year. I will finally get my Associate degree in the Fall.

It has been a long road, and I have studied hard as well as spent numerous days applying myself in every way I can to make sure I make the grade. But it will be well worth it, when I walk down that aisle and accept my future. Not only will I be able to afford a living without working two jobs, but I can set an example for my kids to work hard and go the distance.

I was scared I wouldn’t make it, and there were times I thought I couldn’t keep it up. But I was so excited to start the road to a new career and a better life, it always pushed me to do the best I could. So here’s to everyone who is finally getting their degree, and the time they invested in themselves.

My Life and Where It’s Going


I consider myself a young academic who has strong aspirations for the future. I worked really hard to where I am through perseverance and dedication to become what I am now. My parents have always inspired me to do my very best and to do whatever I could as long as I could receive a good education. An education is not given but earned through tenacity and will.

As a young child, I always wanted to study in a subject where my skills could make a difference in people’s lives. Perhaps becoming a police officer or becoming a scientist making a historic breakthrough in science. Regardless, I knew that the passage of time would give me the clear answer. It was also true that with a good enough career I could give my family the peace of mind they deserved. With enough studying I could become an huge success. I decided to become a scientist eventually through my middle school years as I was taking science and biology classes and something just clicked with me. I could potentially save millions of people around the world with an incredible invention or some vaccine that could potentially get rid of an unwanted threat.

As I went into high school, I struggled to think which career I should choose. I should potentially choose a career that would give me an ample amount of income. After all, the world doesn’t run on thin air, I had to make sure I could get a career that would benefit not only my life but to ensure that it would also benefit other people’s lives. After I would be done with which career choice I would choose, I would also have to look for a marriage candidate. It would be nice to have children and try to my pass on my parent’s teachings which I value a great deal. There is no easy task to getting an education but at the end of a difficult road, there is surely paradise. People always need to have a strong motivation to keep them going and to get through struggling times.

As of now, I am now about to graduate college after years of hard work. It wouldn’t have been possible without the rocky steps it took to get here but it all turned out to be worth it in the end. My story will now truly begin.



A scholarship is a way of assisting a needy student financially so that he/she can acquire education. It is awarded based on various criteria such as performance, background of the beneficiary and status in society. I remember with nostalgia how I struggled hard in my high school to benefit from it. Once I became a beneficiary I knew with no doubt that my life will not be the same again since my career will have a solid foundation.

I used to think that getting a scholarship was a hurdle until it dawned on me. My hard work and disciple were the pivots to great performance. Developing a career is lifetime process as there is no limit in a career with the changing trends in technology. I enrolled in one of the best institutions and what followed was a commitment and dedication to uplift my career. I can’t disguise the role played by different stakeholders to see my life be complete. I was always at the frontline when it came to participation to matters about academics. Getting good grades was not that easy it entails a lot of sacrifice in terms of friendship, leisure and time management. I did all at the same time, but time management was the core of all.

I admired most students who had already completed their studies as they had plum jobs with hefty paychecks, and I prayed hard to be like them one day. My career was based on my childhood dreams. I always wanted to be a real-time investor and a great businessman. Completing college and being awarded a degree was like the climax of my life at that time. I barely had any idea of what was ahead. My early days at work proved that I had molded my life. I was very efficient at work, and I acquired several promotions within my first few months. What followed was a hefty package combined with several allowances. I can’t disguise the fact that several workshops were revolving around my portfolio at work. My career was at the helm when I became my manager, managing my finances and human manpower. I felt that I had achieved what my sponsor had wanted me to achieve.

I feel like the role played by the scholarships I had been awarded changed my life. Scholarships should, therefore, be given to young and energetic minds so that they can realize their dreams. In a nutshell, I do agree that a career is a lifetime process that has no end since up to date I still mould my career.